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Duck prosciutto is back on the menu!

We're very pleased to announce that we have found a wonderful new supplier of freerange ducks for our Rutland duck prosciutto.  The duck breasts from Springfield Poulty have been put through our rigorous testing (and tasting) and after being seasoned with our fennel mix, been dry cured and air dried to perfection.

If you haven't tried duck prosciutto before, now is the time! Similar of course to traditional ham prosciutto it has a slightly deeper, rich flavour with a beautiful deep red colour and thick run of tasty fat across the top.  A real delicacy and perfect for any charcuterie lovers who prefer to avoid pork.

Shop now - Duck Prosciutto - whole breast, Duck Prosciutto - sliced.

duck prosciutto british charcuterie freerange

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duck prosciutto british charcuterie freerange