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5 things we won't compromise on

We strongly believe that with Britain having such fantastic livestock, the highest animal welfare standards in the world and now the technology to produce charcuterie products, British charcuterie should be every bit the equal to that produced on the continent - or even better!

Our core values have always been -

  • Provenance, 

  • High animal welfare standards, and of course,

  • Great taste

With these as our guiding principles there are several things we just won't compromise on in our endeavour to put British charcuterie on the map.

1.  Our meat is always free-range  

We feel it's important to raise animals in an ethical, compassionate and natural way and we know it effects the quality of the meat and the end flavour of our charcuterie.  We are proud to work with Packington Freerange in Staffordshire, whom we know share our high standards of welfare, hygiene, safety in supplying our pork.

We also buy only free-range or grass-fed beef, poultry and duck for the same reasons.

2.  We source our meat as locally as possible, with the emphasis being not on locality to our production kitchen, but more importantly, a short distance to the slaughterhouse.

It is essential that animals are kept as calm as possible and travel only short distances before dispatch as stress is known to alter the chemical make-up of meat making it an abnormal consistency.   This is known as PSE meat. PSE pork is not suitable for salami as it holds too much water.
Google PSE meat, but be warned, it's not pretty!

3. Preservatives are kept to a minimum

The whole process involves just salt to cure and nitrites which have to be used to make the product safe. No more preservatives are used at the expense of never ending shelf life. We feel it is more important to have a product which is better eaten fresh to optimise moisture levels and flavour; both of which diminish over time.
We want British Charcuterie to be the best and this means eating it within eight weeks of production. 
We use collagen casings on our snacking salami as these need to be a consistent size and uniform shape to fit the packaging.
Classic salamis are hung in natural casings (ox middles) making the product entirely natural and individually artisan. 
biltong free range british beef charcuterie salami pancetta prosciutto


4. Our hygiene standards are 1st class

We have a 5* hygiene rating for our production and packing unit from Rutland Country Council.  We are also SALSA (Safe And Local Supplier Approval) accredited as we have shown that we go above and beyond the industry standards, to lead in 'best practice' in our production, packing and distribution methods.  This is no mean feet for a company of our size so we wear this badge with pride!  
Read more about SALSA here.

5. Flavour, flavour, flavour!

From our craft butchery to ensure the most appropriate parts are used for the best end product, to our high quality herbs and spices to the temperature and humidity control to the hanging times to the packaging and distribution - we want every part of the process to optimise the flavour for our customers.

We invest in traditional skills alongside super-duper technology to ensure our artisan product delivers beautiful flavour, texture and quality - consistently.

 free range british pork charcuterie salami pancetta prosciutto

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